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Affinity between a vNIC and a physical NIC with SET Windows 2016

“If you use Windows 2016 with the Hyper-V role installed, you have the possibility to create SET embedded Team instead of LBFO. A new feature is the possibility to make affinity between a vnic and a pnic to guarantee the traffic across the two physical cards, you can ensure that the two vNICs use different team members.

In this example, we have two cards for the RDMA storage. These vNICs are bound to a SET, if you want to sure the storage traffic will be well spread across the two physical NICs you can create an affinity rule between vNIC and physical NIC. While the physical NIC is online, the associated vNIC will use this specific physical NIC:

Set-VMNetworkAdapterTeamMapping –VMNetworkAdapterName "vEthernet SMB1" –ManagementOS –PhysicalNetAdapterName NIC01
Set-VMNetworkAdapterTeamMapping –VMNetworkAdapterName "vEthernet SMB2" –ManagementOS –PhysicalNetAdapterName NIC02

If NIC01 fails, the vEthernet SMB1 will be bound to NIC02 physical NIC. When the NIC01 will be online again, the vEthernet SMB1 will be re-associated to NIC01.

It is really very important to implement this affinity especially if you are using a cluster using S2D and RDMA.

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