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Dell EMC VxRack Azure Stack video from A to Z

Several weeks ago, I presented and animated a meetup of the Azure stack Hub solution for NextGen Datacenter community, i also thank Romain Serre and Florent Appointaire for their invitation to this dynamic community discussing new technologies Datacenter/Infrastructure on premise and on the cloud. This meetup was recorded live with more than 60 participants. : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVc6nYFUD5Q

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SQL Cluster failover or Internal Load Balancers problems, packet dropped or loss in a Dell EMC VxRack Azure Stack, MTU Size on TOR

After a fresh deployment of an Azure Stack, you probably want to deploy Resource Provider like App Services with SQL Failover Cluster or Internal Load Balancers, if you encounter problems after that please read this. If the Azs deployment prior version 1905, please check this bellow: Warning: Please log a SR Ticket with Dell EMC Support to help if you ...

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Azure Stack Part 1: Azure Stack Deployment Worksheet

The Azure Stack Deployment Sheet sample is intended to assist you in pre-planning your solution data center integration requirements. It helps you determine appropriate configuration of Azure Stack hardware solutions within your data center. Until Azure Stack 1811 is used as a support to complete the Deployment Worksheet an excel sheet from which to fill in all the elements that ...

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